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Today, Immobel translates about 1 million property listings for over 100 Realtor® organizations in the United States, plus all 600,000 of the property listings in France through the French Association of Property Professionals ( FNAIM ).

Immobel provides expert translations of all listings into 13 languages. We do not use machine translation.

American real estate listings are translated into:
Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese ( Cantonese ) Chinese ( Mandarin ) Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and listings from other countries are translated into all of those languages, plus English.

Our core business is providing the infrastructure that connects property professionals from all around the globe to promote cross-border transactions while keeping professionals at the center.

One of the biggest obstacles for professionals in International business has been the language and communication barrier. Many professionals have been kept out of this lucrative market because these barriers seemed insurmountable.
With the Global Referral Network, even professionals who do not speak a second language, have never left their home market or never had access to an International network, can succeed in International business..

With the Global Referral Network, even the sole practitioner in the smallest town can participate in International business successfully by connecting to the largest Referral Network in the world. The Global Referral Network has a membership of over 500,000 professionals working together to create more opportunities, more referrals and more business.

The Global Referral Network, when used in conjunction with the Global Listing Exchange, provides an exceptional advantage to members.

Through the Global Listing Exchange, members of participating markets can opt to share their listings with other professionals locally or around the world.

The shared listings are then displayed by each member on their own website, to their own local clients.

For example, Paris brokers display Florida and California listings, Long Island brokers show Paris listings.

In every case, contact is only to the displaying professional.
When they get an interested client, the professional remains in the center of the transaction, so they are able to make a referral and receive a referral fee.

Members of the Global Listing Exchange can choose among nearly 2 million active listings, all of which are updated daily, and translated from their original language into 12 more languages. Members can show the entire inventory of listings world wide, or can filter by location, type and price to create an International property search that will best suit their clients.

The Global Referral Network facilitates communication between potential referral partners who may not have a common language. Information provided in one language, can be read in another.

Communication and agreements for referral fees are date stamped and permanently archived, to protect the interests of the referral partners.

The Immobel Team and I hope that you will harness the power of these networks for your own business.

To learn more about the many Immobel systems, products and services that were designed specifically to meet the goals of today’s real estate practitioner, please visit www.Immobel.com/forprofessionals



Janet Choynowski
Founder, CEO
Immobel Group